Saturday, May 14, 2005

Television -- the Kind Men Like

It's been a fantastic couple of days for all of you geeks and fetishists (and geek/fethishists; you know who you are) on AtlTon. On Thursday we watched highlights of a Stone Mountain carshow that focused on a tatted "Ms Metal" and her custom wheels. Later on the same telecast, we ogled as a hipster chick (Jennie Breeden, creator of "The Devil's Panties") in a Green Lantern t-shirt gave a walking tour of Oxford Comics; she helpfully explained that most of the "young girls" who came into the store were shopping for the [bizarrely sexualized] "teenage themed anime" titles that the store stocks (note: I've shopped at Oxford Comics for almost 20 years, and seen a total of 13 girls in the store ever -- three of whom I brought there, and 2 of whom worked there). The episode featured a sneak preview of Star Trek: Enterprise's 2-hour finale, but best of all -- and you Trekkers who missed the show will not be able to handle this, so I advise you take a preemptive cold shower -- Tammy was dressed during the entire show in a modified, off-the-shoulder hottie-style Lt. Uhura outfit (note: I crap you negative)!

At this point, I'm sure that I've lost most of you fellas to some erotic reveries, but wait -- there's more! On Friday night, the girls got all likkered up at Oakhurst watering hole Mulligan's. Shannon decided that she was up for a challenge, and ordered the (in)famous house special, The Luther, a bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between two glazed Krispy Kremes. Our cameraman, obviously bit of a perv himself, rendered the shot of Shannon shoving the gooey, glistening mess into her mouth in loving slo-mo -- and the producer, into it the spectacle as well, showed the sequence twice!

After forcing the hot meat into her mouth and severing it with her bleachy white choppers, Shannon threw her arms up and hooted and hollered in ecstatic bliss. Woo-hoo indeed.

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