Friday, April 29, 2005

Trouble in "Atlanta Tonight"?

I'm getting a little concerned about Shannon and Tamara. On Wednesday night's show, there were two new young "field correspondents" (read: whores) who appeared to get choice assignments; on last night's show, S & T seemed to be moonlighting as Domino's delivery girls (with the girls looking a little *too* convincing in their uniforms, if you asked me). Is UPN 69 trying to tell us (and S & T) something?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Velvet Skyline

Here's a photo of the LP "After Dark At The Ambassador" by Nelson Rogers. The LP was produced and pressed right here in Atlanta in 1973. The LP is not available on CD, but you can hear it on our Podcast.

Asian Man Without Mustache

Two people asked me, "Is the thing your read about an Asian Man Without A Mustache" a real Craigslist listing.

Yes it is.

The Ambassador Restaurant

As promised on the podcast, here's the link to the groundbreaking legal precedent set by the case involving The Ambassador Restaurant (and, in particular, its parking lot) in 1974.

Another My 'Lanta promise kept!

And for the extra curious, here's an excellent photo of the Ambassador Restaurant, which was unearthed by Greg Germani (the photo, that is, not the actual restaurant), proprietor of the superlative Atlanta Time Machine (by the way, it's also the source for our kick-ass theme song).

Abba Dabba 'Do

I was pretty intrigued by Shannon's look on Tuesday night's show. She was interviewing some employee at Little Five Points' Abbadabba's ( the "alternative" shoe store); she opted to go with a fuzzy beret.

To me, it felt as though Shannon was using her headgear to say "hey, I know this is a hipster store in a neighborhood I rarely visit (except to buy mood-enhancing crystals, as we learned in an episode last week), and I'm not going to ape the styles of the punk kids around me and get busted as a sorority girl poseur, but I am still the public persona of Atlanta Tonight, and should therefore make an attempt to recognize the hoi polloi on some level. How about a cute beret?"

Did it work? I'm left unconvinced; I'll have to watch the show tonight to see if her journalistic crediblity remains intact.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My 'Lanta Vol. 1 - 28 April 2005

This week's edition of My 'Lanta is now available for download.

Download it here.

This week's My'Lanta is a 25MB download and runs for about 37 minutes. Unless you've got a high-speed Internet connection, don't bother trying to download it.

What is My 'Lanta?

My 'Lanta is an audio program about Atlanta. Each week, hosts Andisheh Nouraee and Phil [O'Steen] take themselves (and, they hope, some listeners) on a sarcastic tour of community news, upcoming events, local oddities, and, local music. Phil and Andisheh hope that recording My 'Lanta each week will help achieve their goal to Keep Atlanta Awesome!

My 'Lanta is available in the MP3 audio format. Once you download it you can:

1) Listen to it on your computer
2) Burn it to a CD
3) Listen to it on an MP3-capable audio player such as the iPod.

Once we figure it out, you will also be able to subscribe to My 'Lanta using software like iPodder. When you subscribe, iPodder will automatically download new editions of My 'Lanta to your computer and/or iPod.

My 'Lanta's home page is

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