Friday, April 29, 2005

Trouble in "Atlanta Tonight"?

I'm getting a little concerned about Shannon and Tamara. On Wednesday night's show, there were two new young "field correspondents" (read: whores) who appeared to get choice assignments; on last night's show, S & T seemed to be moonlighting as Domino's delivery girls (with the girls looking a little *too* convincing in their uniforms, if you asked me). Is UPN 69 trying to tell us (and S & T) something?


Anonymous said...

I never heard of this Atlanta Tonight show until I read about it here yesterday. I was curious enough to check it out last night. It was strange enough that the hosts, Shannon and Tamara, were confined to a Dominio's kitchen for all of their appearances and that a great deal of their banter centered on how much they liked the idea of combining a pizza and a cheeseburger into a cheeseburger-pizza. So I'm sure you can imagine how shocked I was to the the Donald Trump Domino's spot in which he was hawking, what else, a cheeseburger-pizza!

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