Thursday, November 10, 2005

Suburban Atlanta Anthem To Premiere at UGA Halftime


Suburban Atlanta Anthem To Premiere at UGA Halftime
“OTP” written and produced by country legend Abilene San Antonio

LAWRENCEVILLE - November 10, 2005 - With more than 90,000 fans watching, Grammy-award winner and Lawrenceville resident Abilene San Antonio will debut his suburban Atlanta anthem “OTP” during the halftime celebration of this Saturday’s UGA-Auburn game in Athens. “OTP” is Mr. San Antonio’s response to the Dallas Austin-penned “The ATL,” a song that many in the suburbs feel emphasizes urban culture to the exclusion of hard-working, decent, God-fearing, white suburbanites.

“If you ask me, rap’s just crap without the C,” explained San Antonio. “When Dallas Austin made ‘The ATL’ into one of them rap songs, he was pretty much tellin’ folks like me that we ain’t no longer welcome in Atlanta no more. It’s too bad, cause my wife was wantin’ to check out that Ikea place.”

San Antonio’s previous hits include “Trucks, Guns and More Guns,” “That’s Our Oil Under Their Sand,” and the Grammy award-winning “God Didn’t Make No Adam And Steve.”

Click here to listen to a sample of Abilene San Antonio's "OTP"