Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Original REM Line-up To Reunite

REM will perform three songs with original drummer Bill Berry on September 16 in Atlanta, when the band is inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Is the AJC short-staffed today? They haven't yet posted this story, nor the one in the previous post about someone firing a missile at one of our U.S. Senators.

Georgia Senator Nearly Killed In Georgia

Two Mondays ago, while visiting Georgia (the country), Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia (the state) had a missile fired at him while traveling in a helicopter. Luckily, the assassins missed.

Chambliss was one of six U.S. senators on the helicopter, the most well-known of whom was '08 Presidential contender Senator John McCain.

The would-be assassins were likely seperatists from Georgia (the country)'s South Ossetia region. They're supported by Russia. Yesterday, they fired at and downed a helicopter carrying Georgia's defense minister.

Pretty scary, eh? One man with a missile nearly killed six U.S. senators, among them the possible next President. Might the U.S. have responded by attacking South Ossetia? If so, how would their Russian allies react? All I can think to say is Crikey!

UPDATE: Reports now indicate that the incident may not have happened. I think it's entirely possible that it did happen, but that a lot of people in three countries (U.S., Georgia, & Russia) would like to downplay it. Pure speculation on my part.

Anyway, the "did it or didn't it" happen angle only makes it juicier story.