Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Newspaper reports Dallas Austin brought heroin to Dubai

Although the AJC reported this morning that he's going on trial for cocaine possession, Dubai's Khaleej Times newspaper reports today that Dallas Austin admitted to Dubai authorities that he had heroin in his possession when he arrived in the emirate.

". . . the officials searched his baggage and confiscated one gram of Heroin and some steroid capsules," said the source, adding that Austin was taken to the airport detention centre and a lawsuit filed against him at Rashidiyah police station.

The source divulged that, during the police interrogation, Austin admitted that he had brought in the drugs from the US. "He told the investigation officers that he bought the drugs in the US for his personal use and forgot to remove it from his bag and pocket before he came here."

Either way, not good.

Free Coffee On Tuesday

Free coffee today!!!

On Tuesday, June 27 between 2pm and 4pm, Joe's coffee shop in East Atlanta will be serving you, the valued customer, a free large coffee. The offer includes cappuccino, latte and regular good old fashioned American brewed coffee.

The offer is a part of a promotion for the The Devil Wears Prada, which is actually a good movie.

Sit, drink FREE COFFEE, stay awhile, use the free Wi-Fi.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Dubai Doobie Don't


News of Dallas Austin's arrest in Dubai on drug charges was picked up by the AJC today. According to the story, Austin has been in custody for over a month.

It appears that one of the reasons that the story has eluded media coverage for so long is that Austin's associates may have been lying about it.

The following, insanely stupid story, appeared on Atlanta photographer Sandra Rose's web site on Sunday, two days after the New York Daily News first reported Austin's arrest:

According to Dallas' close friends and associates, Dallas was not arrested or charged with transporting coke into Dubai. Rather, he lost his passport in Dubai and is now vacationing in London while he waits for immigration to issue him a new passport. My sources tell me they have been in touch with Dallas by phone "daily" and they blame rumors of his arrest on "haters".

He lost his U.S. passport in Dubai, so he's incommunicado in London until he gets a new one? What kind of crap is that? Just because I'm a hater doesn't mean I'm stupid.

Original blog post:

Atlanta music mogul Dallas Austin has reportedly been arrested in Dubai for possession of illegal drugs.

Mr. Austin's arrest marks the second time that he has made Atlantans regret that our city leaders chose him to be our musical ambassador to the world.

The first time was this song.

Pissiness aside, let's hope that he's able to wriggle out of this mess without experiencing too much of the awfulness for which the UAE's criminal justice system is notorious. Imprisoning non-violent drug users accomplishes nothing.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

No Trees Atlanta

Who cut down all the trees and why?

Does anyone know?

(the intersection Virginia and Highland, early evening June 23, 2006)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Another victory for Big Taco

Gwinnett puts stop to traveling tacos
Mobile vendors out as county's rules get tighter

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 06/19/06

To some, they are eyesores. To others, they offer a fast, cheap meal. Whatever your take on mobile taco stands, they're out of business in Gwinnett County.

The last of the food trailers known for $1 tacos rolled out of the county last month, a casualty of new rules meant to limit street peddling.

What used to be a mobile taco stand sits idle at a body shop in Duluth. Gwinnett County no longer allows rolling food vendors. Officials say the rule promotes good order and benefits established businesses.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Attention, Zombies!

Atlanta is the 17th brainiest large city in the U.S.

So says BizJournals, the national newspaper publisher that puts out the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

The brainiest city is Seattle, followed by San Francisco and Austin.

The full charticle is available BizJournals.com.