Saturday, June 24, 2006

No Trees Atlanta

Who cut down all the trees and why?

Does anyone know?

(the intersection Virginia and Highland, early evening June 23, 2006)


Tessa said...

Holy crap. I barely recognized what block that was and I used to live 3 blocks from there. Maybe it has something to do with replacing of power lines they're working on on that side of town? The Highlands have never looked so foreign to me as in your photo.

Anonymous said...

The trees were removed as part of a sidewalk improvement project - wider sidewalks and pedestrian bulb-outs at the corners.

Newer, healthier trees will be planted, I'm sure.

Just think of the tree removal as a return to the "good ol days" in the early part of the century when there were no street trees in those areas. It's retro!

MarrG said...

Also, the previous trees were the notoriously fragile Bradford Pears. The ones that fall over on cars during storms. The new trees will be a sturdier breed.