Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Newspaper reports Dallas Austin brought heroin to Dubai

Although the AJC reported this morning that he's going on trial for cocaine possession, Dubai's Khaleej Times newspaper reports today that Dallas Austin admitted to Dubai authorities that he had heroin in his possession when he arrived in the emirate.

". . . the officials searched his baggage and confiscated one gram of Heroin and some steroid capsules," said the source, adding that Austin was taken to the airport detention centre and a lawsuit filed against him at Rashidiyah police station.

The source divulged that, during the police interrogation, Austin admitted that he had brought in the drugs from the US. "He told the investigation officers that he bought the drugs in the US for his personal use and forgot to remove it from his bag and pocket before he came here."

Either way, not good.


It's Me! Who else would it be? said...

Lockem Up and throw away the key. If you think you are above the law for writing an attrocious city-theme song, then you ought to be locked up Dubai-style.

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