Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What is My 'Lanta?

My 'Lanta is an audio program about Atlanta. Each week, hosts Andisheh Nouraee and Phil [O'Steen] take themselves (and, they hope, some listeners) on a sarcastic tour of community news, upcoming events, local oddities, and, local music. Phil and Andisheh hope that recording My 'Lanta each week will help achieve their goal to Keep Atlanta Awesome!

My 'Lanta is available in the MP3 audio format. Once you download it you can:

1) Listen to it on your computer
2) Burn it to a CD
3) Listen to it on an MP3-capable audio player such as the iPod.

Once we figure it out, you will also be able to subscribe to My 'Lanta using software like iPodder. When you subscribe, iPodder will automatically download new editions of My 'Lanta to your computer and/or iPod.

My 'Lanta's home page is

If you have any questions or comments, Phil and Andisheh can be reached at:


bschneider5 said...

I thought mylanta was a stomach ache medicine or something!?!?!?Nice blog!!! Bradsblog

wtfBBQ Podcast said...

Oh man, that Atlanta song pains me to be from here!

Welcome to podcasting. It's a pain in the ass!