Thursday, April 28, 2005

Abba Dabba 'Do

I was pretty intrigued by Shannon's look on Tuesday night's show. She was interviewing some employee at Little Five Points' Abbadabba's ( the "alternative" shoe store); she opted to go with a fuzzy beret.

To me, it felt as though Shannon was using her headgear to say "hey, I know this is a hipster store in a neighborhood I rarely visit (except to buy mood-enhancing crystals, as we learned in an episode last week), and I'm not going to ape the styles of the punk kids around me and get busted as a sorority girl poseur, but I am still the public persona of Atlanta Tonight, and should therefore make an attempt to recognize the hoi polloi on some level. How about a cute beret?"

Did it work? I'm left unconvinced; I'll have to watch the show tonight to see if her journalistic crediblity remains intact.

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