Friday, May 06, 2005

She's "Back"

So Shannon was back with Tammy on last night's show -- but I think she's been replaced by an impostor.

Something seemed amiss: this new "Shannon" seemed plastic, vapid, and almost robotic, with fake-seeming bleached hair and teeth and a scarily vacant stare.

Oh waitaminute -- that was Shannon.


andisheh said...

If you play that episode backwards, you can hear Tamara saying something. It sounds like either "I buried Shannon" or "Let's go shopping."

Anonymous said...

When Tamara is on it, turn down sound and go for it. i know i always do. nuthin wrong with getting it done... tamara makes good bedpost. ya'll know? sometimes i picthure her squatin over the can and shit. cussin cool?

Anonymous said...

I grew up with Shannon.. and JUST TO LET YOU KNOW.. She is definitely NOT fake. She is sweet, down to earth, and very positive. Jealousy will get you nowhere in life.