Monday, May 02, 2005

Save the Fugly Doodad!

According to a story in The Story, the hideous building at 1655 Peachtree St will soon be renovated into condos ("luxury" condos, I suspect--in fact, is there another kind?). The blurb promises that the "rooftop peach advertising platform," the ugly eyesore that looks like a hobo's straw hat, will remain intact, but I've got a funny feeling that some overly enthusiastic developer will shove it from the top of the building, set it on fire, or sell it to some guy in Dunwoody for his rumpus room.

Don't let this happen to our skyline! I'm sure the folks at Coldwell Banker/ The Condo Store (404/ 881-9000) would love to hear your opinion on the subject. I think I'll leave a dozen messages on their voicemail tonight just in case they get any ideas!

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