Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Brand New Atlanta

Cards and letters have been pouring in to My 'Lanta HQ ever since Mayor Shirley Franklin announced that the City is looking for a new "brand" and a new "tag line." We'll be dealing with this issue at greater length in a future My 'Lanta podcast, but in the meantime, enjoy this short list of The Best Slogans for a Newly Repositioned Atlanta! And don't forget: keep those suggestions coming, either as posts below or in an email to my-lanta@andy2000.org. We're counting on you!

Atlanta: The Courthouse Is Safe, Now
Atlanta: Have You Seen Our New Lowe's?
Atlanta: Home of the Runaway Bride
Atlanta: We Love the Braves (When They Win)
Atlanta: Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How
Atlanta: Make Us An Offer!
Atlanta: We're Here, We're Queer, Were You Invited to Elton's Party on the 17th?
Atlanta: Always 2 Years Behind NY. Always!
Atlanta: Have a Coke and a Smile
Atlanta: Who Needs Another Fucking Museum, Anyway
Atlanta: Home of Atlanta Tonight
Atlanta: Sure Beats Valdosta
Atlanta: Home of the 50 People in Georgia Who Voted for Kerry
Atlanta: For real estate developers, by real estate developers
Atlanta: Where Bad Planning And Patience Meet
Atlanta: The City Too Smart to Hate Too Obviously
Atlanta: Suburban looks, City taxes
Atlanta: What Goes Underground Stays Underground
Atlanta: The Houston of the Southeast
Atlanta: Some Bars Stay Open to 4 am
Atlanta: Home of the $5 lap dance

Keep 'em comin, and Keep Atlanta Awesome! (note to Mayor Franklin: our slogan can be yours for the right price. Shall we set up a breakfast meeting to discuss?)


Anonymous said...

Atlanta: My wife just left me

Patrick said...

Atlanta: Get the hell out of my way!