Friday, July 07, 2006

Grady Patient List

Earlier today I stopped by Grady Hospital to visit a friend.

When I stopped at the information desk to ask what room my friend is in, the desk clerk wrote my friend's room number on a scrap piece of paper. The scrap paper is actually a patient log that lists the full names and room number of people who were patients at the hospital on April 8. My scrap lists Jones through Lewis.

There's not much I can do with the information, I suppose, but I do find it disturbing that Grady Hospital is essentially handing out lists of patients' names to random people who stop by the information desk. I'd be mighty peeved if my name and room number, past or present, was being handed to strangers, especially since matching a patient's name to a room number could conceivably reveal the nature of someone's hospital stay -- "Room 7K04 -- he must have cancer," "Room 2A16 -- that's the infertility clinic," etc.


Robert said...

Proof that security starts with people.

That's also why I don't get sick. So the feds can't plant their devices in me at the hospital.

andisheh said...

Unfortunately, it also ends with people.

mperloe said...

Wow, that is a HIPPA violation and would cost them about $10k per violation. Maybe not the hospital, but they could tag the person releasing that info.