Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Putting the "prick" in bishopric

Did anyone else spot this little tidbit in the AJC's coverage of the passing of Coretta Scott King?

Her body was expected back in Atlanta early today aboard a private aircraft owned by Eddie Long, bishop of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

Why does a minister need a private jet? Only heaven and Bishop Long's accountants know for sure.

But I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that it's another one of the nifty perks he gets for running the Bishop Eddie Long Ministries Inc. charity.

Bishop Eddie Long Ministries Inc is a tax-exempt charity established to help the needy and spread the gospel.

According to a September 2005 report in the AJC, however, the largest recipient of charity from Bishop Eddie Ministries Inc. was, you guessed it, Bishop Eddie Long -- to the tune of $3.07 million between 1997 and 2000 alone.

It's good to be the bishop.


danielle said...

For kicks, you should go wander, and then easily get lost, in his "church."

Boring said...

I thought it very peculiar that Coretta's funeral was held in this church. I had heard rumors that her assistant of some 20 years was a gay man and that she had been criticized about it and refused to let him go. I do not know the entire story. I do recall Bishop Eddie leading a march against gay rights down Auburn Avenue. It seems that they had two very conflicting views.

Aretha said...

There is so much hater-aid flowing around that it is sad. Why not be thankful that he had a private jet for such a time as this? Or would we have wanted to have some other person to have a jet and then complain that Bishop Long couldn't or didn't even have the means to bring the The First Lady back here to Atlanta? I am a member of Newbirth and former lesbian of almost 10 years. It's aboutTRUTH not HATE. I feel very loved by the church and Bishop Long since Oct. 2005.

andisheh said...


People die away from their homes every day. Somehow, their bodies seem to make it back to their hometowns okay with the help of private jets.

My point was clearly not about how Coretta Scott King's body was brought back to Atlanta. It was, and is, disgust with a man who uses his a charity to enrich himself.

I am not a Christian, but I can read well enough to know that amassing fantastic material wealth is not one of the central teachings of the gospels.

What would Jesus do? He'd fly coach and maybe uses his frequent flyer miles to spring for a first-class upgrade every now and then. And with the money he saved, he could have chartered a 747 to bring Coretta Scott King's body home.

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