Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Original REM Line-up To Reunite

REM will perform three songs with original drummer Bill Berry on September 16 in Atlanta, when the band is inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Is the AJC short-staffed today? They haven't yet posted this story, nor the one in the previous post about someone firing a missile at one of our U.S. Senators.


Anonymous said...

When I read the AJC it seems like an incredibly insubstantial paper and I've been wondering if that's just a misperception on my part or what. Since you work in the journalism world, I thought I'd ask you about your thoughts. I guess what I'm saying is that whenever I read a newspaper from another large metro area, it seems far more packed with local news and articles. The AJC, by contrast, seems to get by with a far larger percentage of news syndicate type articles that are recycled from other publications. Other papers that I've read in the past nine months that seemed far far meatier include the Austin American Statesman, The Dallas Morning News, and Rocky Mountain News from Denver. By comparison, the AJC looks and feels like a local newspaper from a much smaller town like Columbus, perhaps. Your references to the Saxby Chambliss missile incident and the REM news seem like 2 good examples of what I'm referring to.


DCE said...

Wash Post Article

I believe the shooting of missiles was targeted at a "different" helicopter, one carrying the Georgian (the country) defense minister. The claim that it was fired at our illustrious senators has since been dismissed, which may or may not, depending on your level of paranoia and/or disappointment with the state of our media, provide a clue as to why no American newspapers, except for the Wash Post, reported it.

andisheh said...

No paranoia here. It's curiousity. It's an intriguing story and, actually, several papers have covered it (and The New Republic had a very good blog entry with spelled out why it's such an interesting and strange story)

That there were conflicting reports from the beginning makes it extra juicy. For a couple of days, different people denied it while others confirmed it.

dce said...

Hey, I'm paranoid. The discussion of whether it did or did not happen is interesting, but might I point out that the heading on your post of "Georgia Senator Nearly Killed in Georgia" somewhat misconstrues the up-in-the-air status of the incident. Unless you just wanted me to click on the headline, which, of course, I did. :)

andisheh said...

You are correct. No ambiguity in my header. I posted an update though. I'm not all bad.