Thursday, March 02, 2006

My 'Gusta

Here's the first part of a cool BBC Radio documentary about James Brown. It's streaming Real Audio.

I'll leave for another time the rant about why I have to turn to the BBC to hear a radio documentary about one of Georgia and the U.S.'s greatest musical artists.


Jim said...

Actually, last month I heard a good interview with James Brown on Fresh Air via WABE.

andisheh said...

I enjoy Fresh Air immensely, but it's a different thing entirely.

The BBC piece is three-hours long and goes into much more depth about much more music. It also includes interviews with other people involved in his music.

Unfortunately, there's no place for radio documentaries like that in the U.S. No market, I guess. We have great radio documentaries, but not about pop music.

Jim said...

Good point. I can recall listening to just one radio documentary over 30 minutes in the last few years. We have a few forums for radio documentaries, but not of that length.