Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My 'Lanta - 04 Aug 2005 - Naked Art

Last Saturday, those of you who were fortunate enough to be at home sleeping missed "Naked In Freedom Park," a public art project that consisted of naked people running around and posing for photos (see photo).

Last night, two of the naked art event's organizers, Ronnog and Steve Seaberg, granted My 'Lanta an exclusive interview.

Born in Sweden, Ronnog and Steve are Atlanta's premier Acrobatic Poets -- meaning that they recite poetry while performing Yoga-like acrobatics (see photo).

Ronnog and Steve talked to My 'Lanta about the naked art performance. They were also kind enough to perform some of their acrobatic poetry for us.

Download My 'Lanta - 04Aug2005 - Naked Art.

Bonus Download!!!

As you may have heard in the recording above, My 'Lanta sent a Podcast Recording crew to "Naked Art in Freedom Art" last Saturday morning. The dramatic recording that our crew made at "Naked Art" is destined to become Podcasting's equivalent of the legendary radio broadcast of the Hindenburg Disaster. We are, therefore, making it available as download.

Download The Seaberg Disaster of 2005

Bonus Link!!!
Ronnog Seaberg's volume of poetry, Song of Atlanta, is available here. Buy two; the holidays are just around the corner!


Anonymous said...

One of the greatest tragedies to ever strike Atlanta. Thank you for covering this. Remember, those who do not remember the past are destined to relive it.


Anonymous said...

You know, an interview with the real Ronnog could be even funnier.

And by the way, you Swedish accent sucks!

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